Basck to the early 1900s
The commercial business of Vino Sorelli dates back to the early 1900s, when great-grandfather Angiolo, originally a farming "broker" started to specialize in the distribution of wine, involving one of his 15 sons, Gesualdo, in the business. The Sorelli family's interest and know-how in the wine world has always been passed down from one generation to the next, along with the property
The family built strong ties with the farmers and local producers right from the start. The wine was collected directly from the farmers and delivered to the consumers using the characteristic blown-glass demijohns; containers made of blown glass and covered in woven wood with side handles for transportation.
The demijohns varied in size from 5 litres to 60 litres and were produced in the local town’s glassworks. The demijohns were delivered on “barrocci”, old carts that were originally drawn by oxen and later replaced by combustion engines. Considering the state of the roads in the first part of the last century, the loading of the “barroccio” and the safe transportation of its delicate cargo was a veritable balancing act.


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